Murder Mystery Games

Murder Mystery Games has been created to review the very best murder mystery games UK wide, including all the variants of this wonderful genre, as well as downloadable turn-based and interactive murder mystery games from the US and Australia. Whether you are looking for murder mystery dinner party games, board games or games for your computer, you have definitely come to the right place. We also look at how you can dress up to best take on the role of your character and for the ultimate experience, we take a look at the best murder mystery weekend breaks currently available.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games
By murder mystery dinner party games we mean those high quality downloadable games that cover a number of genres and cater for different numbers of party guests. Murder mystery party games of this kind can be of a number of different variants, the most popular two of which are turn-based games and interactive games.

Turn-based murder mystery games are usually played around a dinner party and often will include menu suggestions inline with that particular party's theme. They are often scripted and are usually the next step up for those that have enjoyed a murder mystery boxed game. Meanwhile, interactive murder mystery games (often known as free form games) are the ultimate murder mystery dinner party games and are non-scripted games, which are the perfect vehicle to let your guests mingle at the party.

Downloadable murder mystery games usually mean better value for money than other conventional variants of murder mystery dinner party games (such as boxed games or board games), as there is no packaging, postage, inventory and other marginal costs involved. In effect, you are only being charged for the quality of the game itself.

Another advantage of a murder mystery games download is that of choice. You are far more likely to find a theme you desire that fits the number of guests attending your party. You are also more likely to find specialist games, such as murder mystery games for adults or for children or even for a single sex. By reading the murder mystery games reviews on our site, you will be in a better position to select the best murder mystery games to buy for your party.

Murder Mystery Boxed Games
The next best type of murder mystery detective games to buy after the downloadable variant are the murder mystery boxed games. While these boxed murder mystery games may not provide you with the flexibility and value for money that downloadable games do, they certainly look more aesthetically pleasing and for this reason they are more suitable mystery murder games to give as presents.

We take a look at the best murder mystery boxed games UK wide, including the popular BV Leisure murder mystery games and from other murder mystery boxed games UK manufacturers, such as Ace, Paul Lamond, Cheatwell and University Games.

Murder Mystery Fancy Dress
If you decide to purchase one of the many downloadable murder mystery dinner party games, or even a boxed murder mystery game, then you should seriously consider investing in some period costumes to make the murder mystery characters that bit more authentic. The murder mystery costumes you choose will of course depend on the theme of the game.

Whether it be 1920's, Showbiz, Flower Power, Victorian, Christmas or Halloween murder mystery games there are certainly murder mystery outfits to kit out the entire party of guests. We have even gone to the trouble to match up suitable murder mystery costume ideas for each of the downloadable games reviewed to help ensure the best possible playing experience.

As well as providing ideas for finding your murder mystery costume, we also consider suitable murder mystery sets, murder mystery decorations and of course murder mystery invitations.

Murder Mystery Board Games
For children who are interested in playing detective there are specialist downloadable games that have been especially written to have child-friendly themes. Alternatively, you may want to introduce them to the genre via murder mystery board games. We look at a selection of the best murder mystery board games UK wide including family favourites such as Cluedo and lesser known titles, including the excellent 221b Baker Street Detective Game.

Murder Mystery PC Games
Naturally, another favourite amongst the kids are the many murder mystery PC games available. You can find some real bargains amongst the PC murder mystery games, including triple pack games that will again help introduce your children to the detective genre.

Murder Mystery Weekend Breaks
The ultimate for any serious fan of the genre is of course the murder mystery weekend breaks. There are now a number of companies across the UK that offer different types of professional whodunnit events, with hotel murder mystery breaks being the most popular. These usually consist of either a one night or two night stay in a quality hotel, with a murder mystery party game taking place, where the suspects, victim(s) and murderer are all played by professional actors.

As well as murder mystery hotels, there are some awesome murder mystery train packages available, which usually involve a murder mystery dinner aboard an old fashioned steam train. Again professional actors play the roles of the main characters in the mystery. We review the best murder mystery weekend breaks UK wide to help you choose the perfect whodunnit experience away from home.

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