Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games – Here we look at those turn-based murder mystery games that are usually scripted to a certain degree and are the perfect game to play at a dinner table. We see these murder mystery dinner party games as a step up from the boxed games you can buy in the shop, but not quite as advanced as the interactive (or Meet & Mingle) type of game.

As with interactive games, one of the major advantages of downloadable turn-based murder mystery games is the amount of choice that you have. We have split the games up below into different themes, but most of these games are available for different numbers of players and in two main different formats: Standard and Play (see below for more information).

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The Standard format of these games is where you usually go around in a circle and say your first clue to the whole group, then go around again and say your next clue and so on. Sometimes a detective will start the ball rolling.

The Play format of these games is where you pass around the script and say your lines when it is your turn, but you don’t need a stage, you can simply use it around a dining table or you can sit on sofas, etc.

Please note a third format “Meet & Mingle” is covered in the site’s Interactive Murder Mystery Games section.